May 2012 ~ Top Free Online Dating Sites

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May 2012 ~ Top Free Online Dating Sites

Thursday, May 31, 2012

[email protected] SCAMMER

So, you want to know what a scammer truly looks like?

Have joy, and recall.

don’t send money to somebody you only know from the internet. and you never truly know who you are emailing or talking with!

Thursday, May 24, 2012

[email protected]

[email protected] SCAM, the effortless way to track and trace emails!

Effortless to use, and the subscription cost is modest, but attempt the ‘free trial’ very first!

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Thursday, May 17, 2012

[email protected] scammer

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

[email protected] scam

[email protected] scam

Sunday, May 13, 2012

[email protected] scammer

[email protected] scammer

[email protected] scam

[email protected] scam

[email protected] scam

[email protected] SCAM

[email protected] scam

[email protected] SCAM

[email protected] SCAM

Saturday, May 12, 2012 Lend money to deserving people who want to work!

Never send money to people you only know from the internet, except through KIVA! I’ve made many loans through Kiva, all have been repaid, on time or early.

[email protected] SCAM

Friday, May 11, 2012

Spokeo helped me find information I used in my divorce

I eventually installed a keylogger on our home computer to document what she was up to. (Check your local laws to see if this is legal. In my state, it was.)

I could now see who she was emailing in secret.

(“You can call now. He’s gone for a few days”)

(“He’s coming home tonight. Don’t come here.”)

Plugging the various email addresses into the Spokeo email search option, I usually found all the information I needed about her ‘special friends’.

Here’s one example, the gentleman was about my age and size, OUT OF WORK,and being supported by a wifey of 25 years, and had one daughter about 23.

Spokeo told me the name, and age of his Wifey, and daughter.

Spokeo demonstrated me his social network profiles.

I now had his home phone number through Spokeo.

(My wifey called him on his cell phone)

I now had his home address,thanks to Spokeo, for the home he wielded and lived in with his wifey. I could see a picture of his house.

( I later printed out emails inbetween Romeo and my wifey, and mailed them to his wifey, but since he was out of work, he intercepted them.)

I had his picture through Spokeo.

I could find and see pictures of his family. This man was a sleazebag, talking up women online while his wifey of many years supported him.

My soon to be ‘EX’ deserved him!

I felt less a victim, and the information I was finding on him, and her other ‘friends’ steeled my resolve to stop being a ‘nice man’, and end the marriage quickly, and stiffly, on MY TERMS.

As it is with scammers, finding the truth is sometimes very effortless, and under your nose. You just have to be ready to accept the truth, and act on it.

With Scammers, the internet is the neighborhood they prey on. You have to look for information and battle them, there, where they live.

Most people now do have a major presence on the internet, usually there is much more information about them on the ‘net, and available to the public, than they realize and are comfy with. USE THIS INFORMATION, if you need to.

Suspect something, or someone? Why wonder? The truth is out there, if you know where, or how to look. ‘Technology’ can be your friend, also.

Many potential employers will do a search of your email address, also. Is there something on the ‘net you don’t want them to see?

I admit I get a commission from Spokeo if you subscribe after clicking on the link, below. I have used Spokeo for my private reasons, and also in the course of scambaiting for several years. If you want to know, and the info is out on the ‘net, you can find it. Attempt spokeo.

Click on the ad below to check out Spokeo, or on one of the Spokeo banners on this page!

Thursday, May Ten, 2012

[email protected] Robin FInch SCAM

[email protected] Prisca Jobe Scam!

[email protected] Warning

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Spokeo, an effortless way to search for info on online friends

Please note, I do get a commission if you sign up, but I have been using Spokeo as a paying customer prior to this affiliation. I won’t recommend something I don’t use, myself.

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