Online Gf tasks people are willing to do for money

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Online Girlfriend tasks people are willing to do for money

I will be your gf for $1

I will give you Two pics of myself for your private use (Read more)

I will be your Online Gf for $1

Text you, we can talk on the phone or Skype and we will discuss a price. Open for anything, message me if your interested. (Read more)

We can fight, break up, and make up. It will be like a real relationship and I promise you won’t regret it . (Read more)

For Ten I’ll send you texts for an hour, phone calls for 20 for Five minutes, and skyping for 30 for half an hour! (Read more)

I will Be your online gf for $Ten + tons of. for $Ten

I will be your online gf, basically I’ll do whatever you want! & im a cam chick so if your willing to spend the $$ i have some. (Read more)

I will flirt online with you or someone else of your. for $1

For guys. I will flirt with you (or someone else) online for 7 days. Make your ex jealous and rent a flirt. A believable flirt.. For. (Read more)

I will Be your friend or gf for $Ten

Hiiii. I will do whatever you want as long as it isn’t gross or doesn’t involve anything nasty. (Read more)

I can hook you up with Three beautiful black ladies from which you can select who you choose within 24hours. Mind you, this is not a game (Read more)

I will be your online gf for 1 dollar the fuckhole day. no problem! You want to go out online, talk online, break up online. (Read more)

I will be your PROPOSAL coach for $Five

I will ask you questions about you and your fucking partner and then use this information to give you excellent ideas that will help you propose in a. (Read more)

I will be your lovely or wild gf for $Five

Eighteen sexy curvy lady, will be your gf on kik,Skype or whatever. Contact me for more info. For extra $ I’ll send pics and movies (Read more)

I will be your talk friend for an hour for $Ten

Disclaimer: No sexual thoughts/words/acts involved. I can be a good confidante and talk to you like a normal friend. I will be. (Read more)

I will send you a text message for $1

I can send you whatever text message you want to receive anytime you want. ,) (Read more)

I will Fulfill your fetish for $Ten

For Ten I will send you either 6 photos or a Two minute movie. I will not get nude unless you buy Three gigs. (Read more)

Will act as if were in a relationship ill be here to listen whenever you need. Will give the real interaction as a relationship should. (Read more)

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