Reviews – 33 Reviews of, Sitejabber

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Reviews - 33 Reviews of, Sitejabber

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this site is total of weirdos,i only met Two chicks on here in 6-7 years and even after meeting them they were weird,today i attempted it again and spoke to what seemed like a nice asian female,as i was typing it said dont just say hello hows your day in her profile,so i made a joke about it and she said sending these types of messages wont help then i got blocked,there truly is something not right with ladies on this website,and if it isnt that the ones that showcase interest are fake and ask you for money,trust me guys you will only be set up for heartache or disapointment going on to this dating site,and it will only make you feel like there are no damsels out there that are normal,and it will put you off dating thats if you get a chance to date,trust me on this one,avoid this dating site like the plague,and the ads oh dear they keep pestering you to go premium which i did once and i didnt get anywhere still,waste of time and it will make you feel crap with the weirdos on me

Our latest cruise on the Oasis of the Sea was especially enhanced by the nightly concerts of the Sweet Sound Duo under the starlets. A duo from the Ukraine, a violinist and a pianist played classical and contemporary music to captivated music paramours. This as well as the excellent food, service and spectacular shows made our week on the Oasis absolutely special.

Just want you to think about this real closely, all dating sites say join up it is free, now Oasis .com, at least you can talk, but also they would like you to pay, so they use things like advertising, and will ask you if you want add free, if so then comes the pay part, now while we are on the paying, think about this, why is it just that masculines are asked to pay, is it not true that women want equality, and again when we signup to these sites most say free to join, and ask you for your credit card details and they say, just to showcase for id and you are Legal plus, soon as you give the details a debit is made on your credit card, now i do not accuse oasis of this, but i ask oasis this question, do you charge Females to become a platinum or Gold membership, and is Oasis fully free, as you advertise, and do you not think both sexes should pay to join, as both are putting profiles up and both are looking for a fucking partner, say a masculine wants to date a masculine, who pays, female to female who pays, see this is where dating sites have it wrong, Equality does not exist with dating sites, masculine,s it seems are the only ones that pay. so i think it is time if it is free, no charges exist or all parties pay a fee.

Peak for consumers: Read all fine print before you give any details away, masculine or female

Let me begin by explaining all the negative reviews with two words: Wrong Expectations! ..becasue Oasis is not a bad dating site so if you weren',t fortunate using it I think you need to clarify what you were expecting. But to me it is hard to say what this dating site is all about. If you want a reputable dating site Mingle2day and eHarmony will get the job done a little better, in my opinion. If you want a dating app, Tinder is pretty much the only dating app worth mentioning so I am pretty sure that I won',t use it again in the future because I think there are better sites out there.

Only been on this site maybe ten days. Ladies be careful of this one. This contains most of the creeps in your local area you',ve often crossed the road to avoid lol. It',s also the home of the overweight, unwashed, unshaven socially inept loser. Oh yeah. Also the home of the classic pecs shot. A photo from neck to midbody, faceless, clothed in a grubby puckered t-shirt. yeah I bet these guys get Fountains of attention. not. Wow Ive seen so many of these haha not sure if there',s some kind of secret society all these idiots belong to. Nah not enough brains to submit a decent photo. Evidently the majority of these dudes want ",relationships",. OK if this is the amount of effort they put into their photos and bio. Well you can figure out what amount of effort they put into everything else lol. Also this stupid Three day thing. Well maybe the site owners should spell out very clearly that when you tick ',like', or they do, the person has Three DAYS to contact you or contact you back. And Umm Three days is NOT Three minutes so don',t get aggressive and abusive. A ample problem for the studs on this site, well too many of them. I get dozens of messages a day and obviously can',t contact every one of them instantly and to log on and read the manhandle well. hey loser, thanks for removing yourself from any chance of contact!! Earnestly it can be fairly panicking and obviously that says ALOT for ALOT of guys on this site. Most of the guys emerge to be paid members so you',d think maybe they wouldn',t be asking for nudie shots 2nd sentence but no. same crap as the more one night stand sites. Seems like there are some decent guys on the site, I',ve been talking to fairly a few but I gotta say it',s the aggro ones which spoil it for the rest of them. Ladies if you like a fellow best to go on kik or similar and talk to them there, stay off the site as much as possible lol it',ll indeed put you off!!

I was there for sometime and wouldnt entertain any sleaze or inappropriate behaviour of those masculines and they would always ask me to add them of fb or give myphone number in very first Five minutes of talk and when refused my profile went into review.After some time my profile was restricted. You cant trust this site where everything is loosely available and criminal or sick minded masculines are on it. which clearly clarifies by what happened with me as instead of investigating the matter ,the best part is my profile went under review instead of those culprit',s and doesnt look like holder of this site is taking any efforts of looking at the talks who is doing what. You cant trust such sites which is total of unsafe boys and sleaze and they cant even hold a decent conversation and make inappropriate advances. To all women get off that site and run away as far as you can. All those sleazers and sick mind studs are on it and are loosely doing what ever they want to but if you are decent enough then your profile can go under review as you must have offended such sleaze.

This site is pretty good for a free site, and you can send and receive messages and exchange pics loosely. I',m a 50 year old masculine, so there are not a enormous amount of women in my demographic, however I guess I am picky, I like my women lil’ and petite and generally platinum-blonde. That said, I do not think you will meet the woman of your fantasies on here, as you indeed have to look at the reasons why they are on this site in the very first place. From my practice, most have baggage or other issues like insecurity,anxiety, horrible adult children who still live with them, or are not very sexual.

Utter of russian scammers with picture profile of what looks like world class model but evidently single and don',t trust local guys, they don',t get time to talk on oais but only by email. Then there are Nigerian scammers, again they things like ", I',m from USA my mum is in Nigeria I came to visit her for the past 11 months, I love it here", that explains the Ip, and Incase future details are exchanged and they need cash as they wud often get jn trouble but they wud be sure to pay u back when back I',m USA , they add the story about Nigeria early on on, I can',t believe that the amount of $#*! they come out with actually work in people. On the other arm it',s an International site , how wud admin of oasis know how to filter them out, generally people hate paying for dating site

Constnatly profile is under review. even when left blank! slightly able to do ANYTHING!

This site is Utter of scammers. They pounced on me time after time, I almost believed one of them, he was so good! They want you to instantaneously get out of the site and into Skype, text, and email. They tell you that it',s fate or even GOD that has brought us together and then all sorts of fantastic stories. this one told me he was sending me a box of cash from the Middle East. Indeed?? I may be ignorant, but I',m not stupid!

This site is becoming a joke!

I do the right thing and say ",No", to requests rather than let them lapse after the Trio day period and they are permanently putting me under review. the last one lasting 24 hours!

Just a normal female looking for someone real and genuine and most importantly someone that I like: why would i just accept some wank who is on every dating site posing under different guises .

What more can be said about oasis. The women on there so stuck and arrogant, there are women who are so far under average in looks and they still don',t bother accepting or wanting to talk. This site is $#*!E!

Peak for consumers: Don',t use unless you are a finish MONG!

I have used fairly a few dating sites, and I found this is the best so far, even better than all the other paid sites i',ve used. I like the design of the site, the layout is so unique to the others, more effortless and continent to use than most of the other dating site. Tell you what, I',ve used match, e- harmony, pof, okcupid, connect single. and I found oasis is the best. you got to choose who you want to talk and contact to, and don',t need to read and reply geysers of worthless emails. The IM feaure of the site is very good. and what',s more, it',s free, downright free.

There are lots of scummy guys on this site however there are also many nice guys. I have met a range of guys from this site and they have all been indeed interesting, sweet, genuine guys with good jobs or good prospects. It does take a lot of effort to sort out the good from the bad tho’ (500 bad v.s Ten good).

So I make an account, wait all evening for it to get accepted, wake up in the morning to find that it has been accepted and then put under review. It doesn',t even make sense. And half of the profiles don',t have pictures. You would have better luck finding love on ebay.

Fake women. The guys providing this more than one starlet are shills. Don',t waste your time on this site.

i',ve been on oasis off &, on for about Four years &, i',ve never heard of tokens or coins or even flirts! i haven',t paid them any money &, can',t understand why anyone would become a paid member when you pretty much get everything for free. having said that, i can honestly say that the type of boys you get on there aren',t worth knowing indeed, maybe the odd one or two but that',s like finding a needle in a haystack. they all presume you are willing to give out hook-up pretty damn quick &, if not, they can',t understand why, most of them can',t spell to save their lives &, an awful lot of them expect you to agree to a ",date", without observing what they look like as they turn down to put a pic on there, usually cos of ",work reasons", yeah right, cos you',re married more like. i',d say if you',re looking for dead effortless hookup with a not so good looking bloke, go for it. looking for a ",decent", relationship? leave behind it. as usual, you get what you pay for!

Peak for consumers: don',t bother if you are remotely fussy.

Oasis dating site has been marvelous to me. Its free u get Two choose what you want. It also gives u every week to send shoot out for free which lots of females contact you. So far dated 14 ladies. But didn',t found the one yet.

nothing wrong with this website if u look like a model the women ar so stupid they all think they can get any man they want. ussually women over 40 who hav worn down there previous man and now looking for another victim.

The site is fine, but because its free there are fountains of guys on there just after hook-up, don',t mind if they admit it straightaway so you can delete them but its when they pull the wool over your eyes and pretend they want a relationship just to get you into bed after five or six dates. I met a fellow last year, he came to my home met my family and friends, got on indeed indeed well. But he was just a game player and he hurt me fairly badly, I won',t use the site again personally, I',m no mug but I was caught out.

Questions &, Answers

Q: &ldquo, What doe account under review mean? &rdquo,

A: &ldquo, Have not got a clue,im still under that now,being attempting to get back on there but not a clue . &rdquo,

Q: &ldquo, I made an account was active for about Two hours then could not search any members or sign back in.It was telling my. &rdquo,

A: &ldquo, yes ditto similar practices, But they don',t emerge to delete any of the blokes , some with indeed rude profile. &rdquo,

Q: &ldquo, Whenever a lady looks at my profile on Oasis, and I go after up by looking at hers, I get the message ",this member does. &rdquo,

A: &ldquo, i have found that when you get that message, youve been blocked. its a polite way of telling, thanks but no. &rdquo,

Q: &ldquo, If someone ",closed", their acc would it read ",member no longer active", OR ",this account has been deactivated",? &rdquo,

Q: &ldquo, How long it takes for a profile to be approve when is under review? &rdquo,


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