Hubby on online dating talk sites, Mumsnet Discussion

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Husband on online dating chat sites, Mumsnet Discussion

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Hubby on online dating talk sites 614

As pp said go with your gut instinct.. My Double penetration goes on them sometimes but I know he’s not cheated. A lot of people will tell you to leave him, but do what is right for you and DCs.

Mulled wine why are you putting up with that

wherecanIhide – just wished to echo what others have said truly.

emmyloulou I don’t agree that 99% of people going on those sites are looking for ‘extras’. I bet a good 50% are going on them for a sneaky snoop at the site and a bit of a laugh. My friends and I have looked at those kind of sites before – have any of us had affairs or been unfaithful? No!

The reason I’ve not left him is because of the reasons moomoo has put, he goes on out of boredom..

Wow, just wow. He is bored of you so spends more and more time online with other women on dating sites, talking god knows what even however you hate it.

I don’t think people should put up with it and am not telling it’s ‘normal’ to spend time online with other women and neglecting your playmate.

Thankyou for your replies.

I have looked at dating sites and have looked at the one for people looking for a fling whilst being gladfully married. I am just nosy! My Dh knows I do it (has even helped me get onto the married people one, laughed at me and left the room). Not all people who look at these things are looking to have an affair.

Fair point Doigthebountyeater. its the going behind my back that is the problem and the temptation.

WherecanIhide I’m sorry you’ve been having problems.

Ha ha! I meant ‘normal’ orbs! Would love to know if there’s such thing as ‘norman’ breasts however

Thankyou for the reasurance MooMooFarm. I still feel like wolloping him when I see him later. I’ll suggest counselling and see what happens.

Maybe ‘Norman’ orbs have shields covering them or something

OP you said you had a look at his pc because you felt something wasn’t right. What made you look in very first place?

Garrowismylaw – I know I shouldn’t have snooped but I had a gut feeling something wasn’t fairly right. Last night (can’t reminisce what time) I went downstairs cos I woke up having a fright attack so went downstairs to quiet myself down and he was on his computer and pretty much overlooked me. Also, I’ve been waking up in the night and he hasn’t been in bed in the early hours. The cheeky sod has been screaming about feeling tired – I thought he couldn’t sleep due to work stress!

People do go on them for a flirt, it’s not all meeting up. So it then depends on where your boundary is for what is cheating. Personally I would see looking at porn as cheating too, so what I think would be irrelevant to you, so it depends where you draw the line. I know one of the problems for people attempting to actually meet someone on dating websites, is that there are lots of people that just want to email back and forward ad nauseum and not meet.

Maybe if you are having issues re lovemaking he is actually ‘hiding’ downstairs in order not to have to confront the problem IYSIM.

I reminisce when DH and I had som prob. I stayed up till early hours just to avoid hook-up, waiting for him to go to sleep very first.

SMulledwineS – been to the docs but not much luck finding tablet that works

Looks like I’ll be getting a divorce for Christmas. He phoned up half an hour ago and said said we should talk about a trial seperation – can’t believe it. Feel sick to the belly and can’t believe this is happening.

Oh no I’m so sorry

Thanks – I don’t have anyone in rl to talk to and feel so alone

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