These talk rooms rock!

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These chat rooms rock!

Teenage talk is def the best free talk room site I have ever been on. When I get bored and there is nothing else for me to do, I come here and meet fresh people, it is hilarious to see what some of these people will do.


I love emo talk! 😀 It’s got explosions of nice looking emo twinks in there and i like to talk to emo damsels and boys. I’m glad I found these talk rooms because I can have a decent conversation with people and make fresh friends 😀

Jessica – UnknownAngel

At teenage talk at any given moment of the day, you can surely find some interesting people to talk to. Whether you want to just talk it up with pals – old and fresh, ask for advice, or even vent your frustrations: this is the flawless place to do so. (Which is what’s kept me here for so many years.)


Hey this free talk room is way cool cause when I am like felling bored and I go on it speak to people and don’t feel bored. It’s way cool!


I love teenage talk! I meet explosions of lovely, sexy guys here. For free talk, this site can’t be hit!


I love this free talk room cos der is so many hot fellas on ere. I giva it a ten out of ten.


These talk rooms rock! I’ve been coming here for awhile now and they are so addicting! Who ever knew that free talk rooms could be so cool?

This talk is amazing i love it! And love all the cool people ive met 😀 Ur all excellent. Nuff luv.


Well my Friend got me hooked on teenage talk because it’s so joy and addictive. I met so many joy and cool people and we all had so much joy and stuff to talk about because we’re all teenagers and to be fair. i love it!


I’ve been coming here for about Three years now. I always meet fresh people! Some cool, some not so cool. But this website has always given me something to do, when I am bored! And trust me, things never getting boring in these rooms.


Hi Teenage talk is the best thing i ever went i love talken to ppl all over the place i’m all ways online


Man this site kicks major arse, I have been coming here for a year now and i have already found the most wonderful man and met tons of fresh friends. Its amazing.


Kudos to this site, it’s kept my creative juices for drawings going for almost Five and a half years now! Its a excellent place to just dangle out and find cool people.


teenage talk is awesome because you get to talk to fresh people and talk about stuff that we have in common =]


teenchat is a superb way to meet people that are into the same things. and you it’s good to be able to associate yourself with people from all over the world!


OMG. Best free talk rooms ever! I even met a stud. my bau Camo (nathan). love u so much babz. This talk ROX.

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