Cherry Blossoms Review – Why Do Guys Love This Site?

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Cherry Blossoms Review - Why Do Guys Love This Site?

Reviewed by Ed Orton on Ten/24/2017

Cherry Blossoms is the oldest “Introduction only” site and it is still one of the very best. It has literally thousands of profiles, particularly from South East Asia. It has also recently done a finish site overhaul that made the site much nicer to look at, lighter to use, and added fresh some features.

One thing that is very nice about the fresh Cherry Blossoms is that it has a superb search function that permits you to look for a entire range of variables. It would be flawless if it just had a keyword search function too. I’m not sure why you would build such a superb all around search engine and skip that, but all in all it is an excellent search function.

They have also added a lot of, almost Facebook like social media functions and those are cool too, perhaps the best thing is that the site still seems to run prompt in our tests which is also very good, because cool features aren’t so cool if they make the site run slow.

Cherry Blossom’s profiles used to be one of the sites powerless points, but now the photos are large and clear, and it seems like most of the ladies are writing longer descriptions than in the past.

Thousands of Beautiful Asian Women

Cherry Blossoms very likely has more profiles of stunning Asian women than any site on the web, however these are unscreened profiles. The women send in the information and Cherry Blossoms assumes everything is on the up and up.

That means that you must be much more aware of the threat from scammers. The tremendous majority of the profiles are legit, but be especially wary of quick expressions of undying love and requests for money. In fact, any dame that asks for money is by definition a scammer.

This all sounds scary, but it is exactly the same system as or Cherry Blossoms also has a button on every page to report scammers, so they do take the safety of their members earnestly.

So, as long as you showcase a little common sense you are very likely as safe from scammers on Cherry Blossoms as any normal internet dating site.

They have thousands of marriages to their credit and they are an American wielded company based in Hawaii, so this is indeed one of the most legitimate companies in the industry.

Cherry Blossoms Assure

The price is superb, only $24.95 for the very first month or better yet six months for $74.95 with a assure that you will find a superb female or they will give you six extra months for FREE. That’s one of the best deals anywhere online.

Cherry Blossoms is one of the best address agencies, certainly a fine place to begin looking for Asian singles, but keep an eye out for scammers.

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