CurlyNuGrowth, it starts hair: Beginning My Sisterlocks Over?

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CurlyNuGrowth, it begins hair: Starting My Sisterlocks Over?

OMGoodness! Your movie makes me want to take the sisterlock classes just to educate myself. We have a similar hair texture hair &, from what you were stating ive been doing things wrong too (not wearing a shower cap, not bundeling decently). My sisterlocks are Five.5mos old so I think correcting things now will help with my lumps, etc. as they do lodge. Good luck with your switches hun &, congrats on becoming a consultant!

I very recommend the Sisterlocks Class! Its very informative but it also depends on who instructs the class. not all Trainers are the same or give the same information.

Oh and thanks for sharing!

Thanks for sharing this information. I have Sisterlocks and on Sept 25th I will have been locked 1 year. Prior to locking my natural hair type was a 4b/c (CNAPP) type of hair so I expected it to lodge and ",bud", truly quickly. It has in some places but not in others. I must say that my Consultant does a good job keeping my locs uniform, groomed and tightened but I do plan to at some point take the class to maintain my own hair. However, I have a few locs where I’m noticing what shows up to be a ",knot", in my locs. Did you have those or practice knots? And from your training what is to be done about knots?? I go after you blog and go after you on twitter. If you want to see my loc journey visit:

Thanks again for sharing.

Just checked out your blog and your Sisterlocks look good! If you’re noticing knots, you should talk to your Consultant and get her to correct them, if possible. Some knots truthfully can’t be corrected so it is best to catch them early.

So, I am not sure whether I will begin over again but I know that MUST do something soon. I am the only black woman of color in my office and I want to represent well. Thanks again for your info!

Hey Nathalie! I do sell the ",Anti-Itch", Mist in the SHOP which won’t harm the integrity of your Sisterlocks and will stop the itching. As for your ",fat bottoms", if your hair is fully lodged, I would suggest talking to your Consultant and possibly trimming but if they aren’t fully lodged, give it time and they might shrink down as they mature.

I recognize that look in you eyes! I also took the Sisterlock Class last year in December and came out analyzing my Sisterlocks. Everyone who had Sisterlocks desired the trainer’s opinion on their locks. The bunching of the locs, your hair texture can cause this as well. Frizzy locs just part of the locing process, Our hair loves 02! Reminisce your hair is unique and has it’s on pathway to locking. I think your locs look Good even with problems! Welcome to the Sisterlock Trained Family!

Yeah, I attempted to get the Master Trainer to do a total analyze on me, but she didn’t, lol. Thank you for the compliment and warm welcome 🙂

Go for it! I took down my Sisterlocks and did the front over. It took a while and a lot of patience, but I had to give it a attempt. Plus, it’s rewarding to say, I did it myself. The back of mine was done with the help of a classmate/friend.

Thank you so much for sharing! I’ve been on the sister loc journey for Five years. and like you, my curl pattern is similar. I still have locs that have not locked.

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