This for example in the case of hair color where the multitude of different shades of dark-haired are fairly endless if not annoying.

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This for instance in the case of hair color where the multitude of different shades of brunette are quite endless if not annoying.

Connecting singles has been a staple in the online dating world, connecting single people for well over a decade now. However many online dating services claim to be free they will have something inwards them that inescapable cost money. Its normally some tangible peek into who is viewing your profile or superior method to contact or interact with other users that is otherwise held back. The old bait and switch as it were. This is not the case with the online dating site Connecting Singles where every single feature is absolutely free. However you won’t have the capability to interact with any members, even browsing profiles in your area or across the globe does not require so much as a profile to be set up or email address provided. Nope, look to you hearts content before determining to then set up a absolutely free online profile to embark connecting with other users. That is a pretty ache free test drive if ask me. So what are you waiting for? Go have a look now without any risk whatsoever, you need to create a Connecting Singles login in to speak with other people looking for a date.

What features Does a Connecting Singles Membership Include?

I will be the very first to admit the site layout seems a little outdated, but none the less is total featured. This includes instant messaging, local singles event calendars, email, eCards, forums, photo galleries, movie messaging and a multitude of search options to find that special someone. The Connecting Singles Dating service is active in the US, Canada, United Kingdom and Western Europe at this time. It caters to people of all sexual orientations over the age of Legitimate. And however seemingly geared toward lasting relationships, there are features for folks only looking for activity playmates or pen pals as well. More information on Connecting Singles’ services can be read here in their Terms of Use and also Privacy Statement before taking the plunge.

Special Features of Connecting Singles

However in my practice much of the moderation or lack thereof at Connecting Singles seems akin to the wild wild west. They do however take the trouble to review and approve every profile as well photograph that is posted on the site to be sure it meets their stated terms of service. And to some degree the drop down boxes listing a persons appearance or bod type seem to be more detailed than most. This for example in the case of hair color where the multitude of different shades of dark-haired are fairly endless if not annoying. I suppose in early summer one can ordinary update ones profile from light brown to very light brown with some sunshine highlights. Think I’m kidding? Recall this and love the chuckle while packing out your online dating profile.

The forums at Connecting Singles have a sturdy degree of traffic and are fairly entertaining to read. This being the general board more so than the regional ones. It is here you get the sense and feel of Tombstone or other wild west towns. With users seemingly both familiar with one another and hunting in packs for the chance to abase someone inwards the right topic. This is certainly not the place for someone with skinny skin. But as you may guess, this would be the more colorful topics and effortless enough to steer around if careful. Just like any dating site forum, simply proceed with caution. While there is some sort of moderation in place, also a pretty long leash as pertain to acceptable topics. I did pick up upon the general consensus any decision to delete or block forum participants was not a very balanced one. This notion is stringently based on review of user complaints across various other review sites. And we all know there is a thing called sour grapes that can taint authenticity of said complaints. Again, proceed with caution and should be more entertaining than anything.

Maybe the best tangible inwards Connecting Singles is the fantastic blocking feature that helps temper the otherwise, anything goes vibe. Things like determining who can send you messages. For example you live in the United States and don’t want to sift through emails except from local pervs, there is a setting for that. Who wants to hear what Lars’ thinks, anyway. You can also filter out people only looking for penpals or intimate hook ups. This takes care of the orange jumpsuits (think incarceration) and the people on a constant penicillin script in one press of the button. This last feature can also reduce the frequency of unwanted spam which is always a good thing. I say this based on feedback from users that note those two groups net the most unrelated trash in ones inbox.

What Does a Connecting Singles Login Cost?

There are no fees for any function inwards this dating site whatsoever. Even sending free flowers is absolutely free. The cyber kind of course.

In a Nutshell – (you determine over time if we have a pun here)

However myself cannot very recommend this site without reservation, mostly based on general lack of true moderation, somewhat unfriendly tone and a dated format – layout that can be somewhat confusing to the novice. It is however the “real kind of free” so maybe worth a attempt, especially for those of you out there that have seen it all or feel have nothing to lose. Besides you never know where that ideal person is hiding and this could lightly be just the place. And the price is ideal! There are other free dating options besides cConnecting Singles. You can also get a free POF login to attempt your online dating luck.

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