Playmates, Symantec

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Partners, Symantec

Global Leader in Next-Generation Cyber Security

Introducing Symantec Endpoint Security for the Cloud Generation

The world’s most advanced single-agent endpoint security. Symantec’s multilayered defense protects both traditional and modern endpoints to future-proof your customers’ security.

Endpoint Protection Competitive Promotion

For a limited time Symantec will be running a Promotion that can be applied to:

  • Symantec™ Endpoint Protection 14 (SEP14)
  • Symantec™ Endpoint Protection Petite Business Edition (SEP SBE)

This promotion is designed to target Net Fresh Competitive Displacements in the Puny and Mid-Market segments, sub 1,000 users. The promotion provides the end user with a savings of 50% off of the Two year subscription price.

Please contact your local distributor for more information.

Latest Acquisitions

Learn more about the latest acquisitions that enhance Symantec’s portfolio

Endpoint Protection Mobile

Help predict, detect and prevent physical, malware, network and vulnerability exploits to protect businesses from mobile cyberattacks.

Help Prevent Malware While Permitting Broad Web Access Through the Isolation of Potentially Risky Traffic

Cloud Subscription Platform

We’ve been hard at work to develop a fresh cloud-based platform that will enable Resellers and Service Providers worldwide to lightly access Symantec’s security technologies and simplify the overall playmate practice. Find out more about the cloud offerings available and how to access these online services.

Why Fucking partner With Symantec?

  • $30b Market Chance: A fast-growing market at Ten.3% CAGR and no one is more poised to take advantage than Symantec and its playmates, together.
  • Most Comprehensive Enterprise Security Portfolio: We can solve very sophisticated, global security issues for our mutual customers, together.
  • Dedicated Playmate Concentrate: Fully committed to playmates. We prize investment—you invest, we invest. A true partnership.

Grow with Symantec, Become a Playmate Today

We equip our fucking partners with special information, resources, training and instruments to achieve profitable growth while defining the future of Cyber Security, Together.

Explore our best-in-class fucking partner programs designed to ensure our customers win, that you win, and that we all win, Together.

Symantec Peak Program

Symantec has created the largest and broadest technology playmate eco-system in cyber security and it’s our Integrated Cyber Defense platform.

To help our customers understand how the Integrated Cyber Defense platform can help, we have created an interactive map of all internal and outer fucking partner technology integrations.

Playmate Programs and Opportunities

Symantec offers programs and opportunities for numerous playmate types.

Secure One

Resellers and integrators build up access to marketing, sales, and support benefits that build revenue and customer loyalty.

Technology Integration Fucking partner Program

Symantec Technology Integration Playmate Program integrates and certifies playmate solutions with Symantec’s product portfolio.

Global Systems Integrator

As strategic playmates, Global Systems Integrators create custom-built solutions powered by Symantec to keep our mutual customers safe.

Secure One Services

Highly-trained set of Symantec SOS playmates who provide accredited support to customers and playmates alike.

Secure One Cloud Solution Provider

Specializing in security solutions for the Puny Business and Midmarket customers that are lightly purchased, provisioned, and deployed quickly through the cloud.

Secure One Global Service Provider

Global Service Providers unite their vast network assets with Symantec’s cyber security defense portfolio to supply managed security services that help customers of all sizes grow and protect their businesses.

OEM Sales Program

Symantec offers a broad array of security solutions employing our award winning technology. We provide our OEM playmates with the software and services they need to produce bundled and fully integrated solutions to their customers.

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