POF Reviews – 1, 733 Reviews of, Sitejabber

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POF Reviews - 1, 733 Reviews of, Sitejabber

Ratings Summary


I',m sure this site might have been okay Ten years ago but now it',s rancid chock a block and no chance finding anybody decent

Half the profiles are fake and make no attempt to hide the fact they are screenshots to get people to sign up for an adult site. I',m guessing it must be 95% boys and 5% women after browsing the profiles and observing how nasty and requiring the women are. Must be saturated with guys so much that the women all embark thinking they',re hot when they',re anything but

This site has officially become too big for itself. Instead of Slew of Fish, it should be renamed to Lump of Sh&,*.

Example 1: Your account can be deleted for a multitude of reasons, whether you paid or not, and you have no chance to recover it. It',s just deleted. Period. No notification, no reason, just deleted.

Example 1: Reporting users yields NO response.

Example Two: Using the ",contact us", yields NO response.

Example Trio: Request a review of your account in any way yields NO response.

As of this writing, In Canada alone, POF has HUNDREDS of complaints against them at the BBB for the category ",Problem with Product/Service",. They are also under investigation by Federal authorities (CRTC).

It',s packed with scammer.

You won',t get your money back.

Had a good date in my 2nd or 3rd week but things have dried up a bit since. If I compare with the other site I use (wejustfit.com) I',d have to admit that WJF wins cos ive had more dates and even met someone that I was witnessing for a while on that site. Bottom line is both sites are good and if you can afford to join two, you could do worse than those. And if you get a chance with a nice person grab it with both palms. Good luck 🙂


This site leads to an overcharge of SPAM and junk that you will never get rid of. I am signed up for sites I have never heard of. There are some nice people on it that I am sure are getting as SPAMMED as I am.

I was on the site on and off,but if you are not 100% beautiful,sorry you arent getting any dates..So many judgemental guys on there..

I',m fighting to see how this site gets Trio.Five starlets

If this was a shop it would be Poundland is awful

Love the next Five years on here looking for him

pof was good for a long time. I actually met a duo nice ladies on there. then someone hacked my account and I could not message anyone because pof deleted any messages I would send. then they deleted my account. I attempted to contact them via email Three times and got no response from anyone. so I began another account and they deleted that one also. again I attempted contacting them and no response once again. I began a 3rd account and same story. Ive heard this has happen to many others as well. I',m finished with this site. it should not be a site unless u can get help from someone if theres an issue. they r not very professional. they don',t seem to indeed care. they totally suck culo.

I',ve been locked out of my account Two times by Slew of Fish-1st they let my account be hacked and closed me down with zero notice, now with a 2nd account I don',t receive mail! This POF company is not even in the USA (somewhere in Europe) and has no customer service telephone number, the one listed are Pakastani',s who laugh at you because they hacked your account-Don',t waste your time!

If you',re a masculine then do yourself a favour and don',t bother joining up

The women are so aggressive and nasty its laughable. They all suffer from delusions and believe they should have a James Bond type man even if they are slobs and unattractive plain janes types.

If you want a rude aggressive women, who is cold, aggressive unfriendly, picky, deluded, narcissistic, overweight, unintelligent, requesting, and a sloth then sign up I am sure you will find what you want. If you want a decent woman with warmth goodness and who is glad then give this site and the women on it a swerve. The women on here are barrel scrapers,

in 2012 I met my spouse on POF

We have been married since 2015

I made my profile clear about wanting to meet a Christian man who valued his family more than anything.

Of COURSE your going to have to filter through the buttheads with foolish rude sexist messages, but I took a chance on a man 1.Five hours away (at the time was very far to me in my head) but we made it work and we are so very gladfully married and I couldnt thank POF more for helping me find such an incredicle man!

They took my money and have not send me email to switch password and they also publicate day password so I lost all money

POF is not a site to meet anyone worth while. IT IS NOT A DATING SITE. Maybe its purpose is but it is mainly for hook-ups. GAY Studs ARE THE WORST.

ABC 7 Chicago news reported that a serials of arms robberies targeted POF lonely hearts looking for love. The gummen set up fake profiles on POF. The fake profiles has pictures of beautiful women that has been taken off other sources of the Internet.

I on daily bases receive mutual matches form ",meet me", feature with ladies that I have never clicked YES on nor I ever would or even seen their profiles. Seems like POF attempts to promote profiles of those least attractive ladies whom receive least number of messages by faking things. The hard part of it is that these people contact you and want to go after up and then you have to under go the embarrassing process of letting them know it has been a mistake which upset and offend some. This is why I don',t become a paid member which I attempted and was even worst.

I',m one of the infrequent people that like POF more than I did when I very first attempted it. It',s aging well I think, a bit like me (fantasy on lol)! I usually combine it with wejustfit.com and alternate inbetween the two because these are the only internet relationship sites that have ever got me any dates. Ive met someone recently and we',ve had a few nights out so maybe ill not need these companies much longer but I would recommend them to any one who is single.

there is no way people meet each other on there for love, in very first messages I got nothing but sexual harassment, I had one member menace sexual brunt, sent pof screen shots and I got my account shut down? they not only discriminate, but permit the repeated sexual harassment of members and do NOTHING

I made three to four profiles and the last Two days I make their profile after an hour or so I',m back on and it says my password is incorrect that',s BS cuz after the third time I write him down then there',s no place to call and then I get this little message from whoever the foolish s*** is when you very first sign up he',s real helpful those help love it as a Ten year old at a taco stand BS

I created an account, but was later incapable to re-login.

I tell you what, I think I',ve found the golden combo! Attempt using POF together with another high membership site e.g wejustfit.com and you',ll see an instant improvement on the number of sheila',s you can talk up. I',m loving it now, totally bonzer! Might just be an Australian thing but dreamed to share anyway as I went a few months with not a lot going on. Cheers. :-p

Questions &, Answers

Q: &ldquo, How can I see total profile info? Do I have to upgrade? &rdquo,

A: &ldquo, Don',t waste your money or your time! Go outside and play. Meet someone the old style way. Too many fake/scammers on. &rdquo,

Q: &ldquo, how to call customer service &rdquo,

A: &ldquo, I just deactivated my account. This site is a sewer. Do not pay anything for this site or any site. I searched for. &rdquo,

Q: &ldquo, is it possible that when they display someone to be on line, that they indeed are NOT on line? I believe I have. &rdquo,

Q: &ldquo, Can I see who want to meet me if I am not a paying member? &rdquo,

A: &ldquo, I',ve set several messages to women who supposedly were interested. No response. Is this because I haven',t upgraded? &rdquo,

Q: &ldquo, How to get profile eliminated. someone stole my pictures. &rdquo,

A: &ldquo, Account. Delete profile. You have to look at all options. &rdquo,


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