Wix Website Builder Experienced Review, Top Ten Website Builders UK

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Wix Website Builder Expert Review, Top 10 Website Builders UK

With The Best Site Builders of 2017

Wix Review

Wix Is Lightly One of the Best Builders Ever

More than 90 million people have built websites using Wix since it launched in 2006, making it clear this company is doing something right. Wix’s feature-rich platform is best known for its intuitive design options and broad range of interactive contraptions, such as its streamlined drag-and-drop builder. After spending just 20 minutes exploring the intuitive site-creation platform, it&rsquo,s effortless to see why Wix is one of the world&rsquo,s most popular website builders on the Net. It&rsquo,s elementary to use&mdash,even if you have zero practice&mdash,and you can create any kind of website.

Best For:

When it comes to building an interactive website, Wix is king. The builder is ideal for users looking to make a visually stunning website that encourages visitors to interact. The platform works well for building sleek artist portfolios, restaurant sites, and small-business pages that are focused on engaging users and encouraging them to click around.

Wix Highlights

Excellent Website Templates – Choose from a gallery of more than 500 different designs

No Tech Abilities Required – with the drag-and-drop interface you can create a website in minutes

The amazingly intuitive builder is among the best in the industry

Free-account option lets users create and host beautiful websites at no charge

Hundreds of templates can serve almost any purpose

Wix App Market integrates with many popular web services, enabling live support, newsletters, contests, reservation implements, and testimonials on your site

Fresh Artificial Design Intelligence (ADI) creates entire sites from scrape in minutes based on your needs, sourcing semantic information from similar sites around the web.

Too much design freedom means your site can end up looking less than stellar

No way to view site stats unless you pay for the capability to add Google Analytics

Ease of use

The Wix user interface certainly includes one of the most intuitive web builders available. In literally less than five minutes, users can pick a good template and begin customizing it to their liking&mdash,all without agreeing to any terms of service or coming in credit card info. All you need to get embarked was an email address, which is actually pretty amazing.

The user interface is clean, well-organized, and a breeze to get the suspend of. And the drag-and-drop editor is incredible! After picking a template, it&rsquo,s effortless to add, eliminate, or manipulate elements on a site, without needing any kind of coding skill whatsoever. Plus, the image-editing options are so straightforward and ordinary to use that even someone with zero graphic design practice can tweak photos and pictures to their liking. If you&rsquo,re looking to build an online store, the e-commerce instruments that come with Wix premium plans are every bit as user friendly. Overall, Wix certainly offers one of the best user practices compared to the other builders featured on our site. Give it a attempt yourself, and you&rsquo,ll be on your way to a killer site in less time than you think.


Wix offers among the most feature-rich website building practices on the internet. Aside from the first-class drag-and-drop builder, Wix is famous for providing free hosting for all websites created on its platform. And the service&rsquo,s extensive App Market is ideal for individuals and entrepreneurs who hope to enhance the functionality of their websites by integrating third-party add-ons. The App Market makes it effortless to add a diversity of rich features to your site, including surveys, social media flows, and newsletter signup forms, to name a few. There are hundreds of add-ons to choose from in the App Market, many of which might be flawless for you.

In addition to the App Market, there are oodles of other features with Wix as well. The platform has an awesome pic editor built right into the interface, and lets you add graphics from a rich library of professional stock pics. You can even choose to add cutting-edge elements to your site, such as movie backgrounds and extraordinaire 3D parallax effects. And that&rsquo,s just the peak of the iceberg! There are tons of other instruments and features for bloggers, business owners, and everyone in inbetween.

In the summer of 2015, Wix added a hefty fresh feature to their already sturdy platform: Artificial Design Intelligence (ADI). The launch of Wix ADI marked a milestone for the industry by permitting webmasters of any practice level to use artificial intelligence to create a custom-built website based on their specific needs. After years of development, ADI is now a standard part of the Wix platform. A user need only register for a free account, choose the type of website they want to build, and select &ldquo,ADI&rdquo, as their preferred means of creation.

Wix ADI works by asking a few very plain questions:

What is the name of your website?

What is your website for?

Do you need to take bookings? Sell online? Build up subscribers?

As the user provides answers, the questions become more specific and personalized. All questions are utterly effortless to response, tho’, and the entire questionnaire takes just a few minutes to finish. Once Wix ADI is pleased with the amount of information introduced, it creates a accomplish, fully functional website in seconds. The custom-built site even includes relevant photos, text, and movies that are cautiously selected based on an analysis of millions of similar websites. The entire process is fairly remarkable.

Of course, the user is never required to stick with Wix&rsquo,s suggested layout or elements. Once the site is accomplish, the user can add and substitute elements, create fresh pages, and even switch the layout of the site using Wix&rsquo,s standard, user-friendly page editor.


Albeit all of this provider&rsquo,s plans include hosting at no charge, and you can theoretically have a free site for as long as you&rsquo,d like, there are Wix website costs if you want enlargened storage, added bandwidth, and access to a slew of other advanced features. The main differences inbetween the company&rsquo,s free and premium websites is the free versions feature &ldquo,Powered by Wix&rdquo, ads on them and prevent you from linking the site to your own domain. Upgrading to a paid plan isn&rsquo,t necessary for everyone, but depending on your needs, that might be your best bet.

The premium plans come in five different flavours to suit the needs of various users. The most basic premium plan is the Connect Domain suggesting, which permits you to link your own URL to your site, but doesn&rsquo,t liquidate the Wix ads. The next step up is the Combo Plan, which does eliminate ads and includes higher thresholds for bandwidth and storage. The Unlimited Plan adds a few more bells and whistles for entrepreneurs and freelancers, while the Ecommerce and VIP Plans give you enhanced access to devices and support. All in all, the Unlimited Plan offers the greatest amount of features relative to the cost, making it the best bet for most users.


Wix offers more than 500 templates and the stock is refreshed regularly. There are over 70 different categories of templates (such as blog templates, business templates, and portfolio templates that meet the most general and niche needs alike, including specific options for illustrators, restaurateurs, retailers, and bloggers. Once you pick one of Wix&rsquo,s themes, just haul and drop your custom-made text and pics into place.

Of course, there is also the option to embark from a blank page and build your site from scrape. For those brief on time or content, there are streamlined one-page Wix website templates that let you publish a site instantly and add on to it later. There are even one-page &ldquo,Coming Soon&rdquo, templates for sites in the works. The feedback feature lets you permit friends, family, and other people you trust to view a not-yet-final version of your site, without requiring you to make it visible to the entire world. While Wix is lauded for having some of the most stunning designs on the market, take your time choosing from the various templates. Unluckily, once you design a site based on a specific template, you cannot switch to a different one without kicking off from scrape.

E-Commerce Functionality

The company supports its business users with a broad range of traffic generation, financial management, site analytics, and communication contraptions. When you sign up for a Wix ecommerce plan, you can begin making money with your website in no time. It&rsquo,s effortless to create attractive product pages with photos and movies of your items, and it&rsquo,s also elementary to organize your items into collections. Additionally, shopping carts and coupon codes are a cinch to set up. Another benefit is that more payment options are suggested by Wix than by just about every other website builder.

Wix ecommerce pricing starts at only $8.50 USD per month, and VIP features are available for $25 per month. Based on our research, it seems like the price is very affordable compared to the competition. Even if you don&rsquo,t want to sign up for an ecommerce site, you can still insert PayPal &ldquo,Buy Now&rdquo, buttons wherever you&rsquo,d like. One common complaint seen in some Wix ecommerce reviews, tho’, is there&rsquo,s no way to sell digital downloads (MP3s, ebooks, apps, etc.) directly to your website visitors. But if you rigorously sell physical goods, you&rsquo,re good to go!


Wix.com features one of the best website-building practices available. Not everything about the platform is flawless, but the Wix builder is lightly among the most user-friendly contraptions of its kind. With many attractive offerings, it may be the flawless choice for the majority of aspiring webmasters.


Lightly one of the most user-friendly and intuitive builders on the market

Superb options for individuals and business owners alike

Totally free tier lets you build and host a site indefinitely at no cost

Third party integrations make it effortless to enhance your site&rsquo,s functionality

Bottom Line

As one of the best builders around, Wix should more than sate the needs of most would-be webmasters&mdash,even those who don&rsquo,t want to spend a dime.

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