A Guide on How to Ruin a Date in 5 Words

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Dates are pretty jumpy, we all know that. Especially if you really like the person and want to impress him/her with your talks, jokes, mimics, looks and whatever you have there. That’s a bit tricky because while you’re trying to please your date and make a perfect first impression, one word (or in our case five) can spoil everything.

The first ten minutes of a date are the most relevant and revealing. They can show you a lot and predict the future of your date. But you should always remember that even if you look to kill, your voice tone is super sexy and attractive and your gestures and mild and gracious and smooth, you can still fail.

Make sure you’ll remember the phrases below in order to avoid using them or to ruin your date on purpose (everybody does that once in a while, come on). So this is how to ruin a date in 5 words:

  1. “I live with my ex.” Oh, really? That’s a nice start to a conversation.
  2. “Does armpit hair bother you?” Emmm, yes, sorry.
  3. “I sweat like a man!” I think I can smell it now.
  4. “Bring your hot friend along.” What?!
  5. “Hey, any thoughts on Polygamy?” Yeah, like not in my life, please.
  6. “What is your name again?” My name’s “never ever again”.  
  7. “Is that your breath smelling?” No, that’s yours actually.
  8. “I thought you’d be prettier.” Oh, well, you are not a star as well!
  9. “You look like my mom.” Don’t even start this.
  10. “Where is this relationship going?” Emmm, nowhere?
  11. “How much do you weight?” Enough to knock you down.
  12. “No lie, I’m a vampire.” Oh, come on, seriously?
  13. “So, you have an STD?” Yeah, not one.
  14. “You look like my ex.” And you look like my granny.
  15. “Wow. Were those old pictures?” Okay, I gotta go.

Everyone keeps telling that the best thing to do on a date is to be yourself. As you see, you’d better control yourself lol. Try being natural but don’t push yourself too hard.

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