Top Five Best Online Christian Dating Sites & Apps 2017 By Popularity

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Top 5 Best Online Christian Dating Sites & Apps 2017 By Popularity


Christian Cafe is a Christian dating website that was founded in the year 1999. Christian cafe has been used by a vast majority of Christian singles to find their fucking partners. Christian Cafe has taken Christian dating to a entire fresh level simply judging from the numbers. There have been over 25,000 successful marriages that have happened thanks to this site.

Top Features

1. Christian wielded

Christian Cafe unlike most Christian dating sites is pridefully wielded and independently run by Christians. What this means is that our dating site is not only interested in bringing together Christian couples and providing them an avenue to connect but also to share their invaluable Christian values with each other.

Two. Comprehensive search

When you are logged in to the site and want to make a search inquiry say for a playmate, there are numerous filters included. These filters are a very significant contraption for singles who are looking for a specific type of playmate. Among the filters included are, age, location, and gender, while there is also an advanced search for church denomination, lifestyle preferences as well as assets type.

  • Once you sign up as a member on the site, you instantly get a Ten day free trial. Moreover, every other person that you refer to the website via email or twitter will add you each an extra Five day free trial.
  • Their interface is very effortless to use across all devices, whether desktop or mobile.
  • One is able to carry out a comprehensive search in order to get more specific search results.
  • It is very effortless to set up your profile.
  • Their customer service is however only available via a contact form.

Editor’s Verdict

Christian cafe has the upper palm over other sites with the inclusion of the comprehensive search option. This search option enables users to use various search filters in order to be more specific or less specific in as far as the such results are worried. Moreover, the friendly interfaces that permit you to access everything from the top of the page has made navigating the site very effortless. I would recommend this site to anyone who is looking to find a suitable Christian dating site.


Elite Singles came to the realization from some quick statistics pulled from the Pew Research exam, that 70% of Americans are Christians. Elite Singles truly value the importance of your Christian faith as well as Christian dating. This has made them to set out and enable Christian singles to be able to come together and meet other persons who share in their belief and values.

Top Features

1. Mainly has University Graduates

Elite Singles has a majority of its members being people inbetween the age of 30-55 and who are done with at least their undergraduate programs.

Two. Ideal for singles looking for long term playmates

Elite Singles hosts a vast majority of people who are professionals and as mentioned earlier, above the age of 30. Their main concentrate is therefore on single people who are looking to lodge down with as serious committed person.

  • Their compatibility test is based on the Big Five model of personality.
  • They have a total of over 80% university graduated registered.
  • They also have interfaces that are compatible with android and iOS devices.
  • The monthly costs they charge are relatively high as compared to other dating sites.
  • They also don’t have an instant talk feature or a movie talk feature.
  • They do not have interfaces that are usable with windows devices as well as other platforms.

Editor’s Verdict

Elite Single is arguably the best website for individuals who are mostly professionals and are within the age bracket of 30-55. Most members of this site are people who are done with their academics or are at least pursuing further studies. The mindset of most users is that of looking for a serious fucking partner who is ready to lodge down and be involved in a long term relationship. The site has some top notch security features so as to ensure that your information is safe. The site moreover maintains an edge over their competition by linking up the site with other social media platforms in order to ease connection. I personally recommend Elite Singles to any professional who is looking to be in a long term engagement.


This dating site is dedicated to bringing together the vast number of single Christians who want to find a suitable mate through a Christian dating site. Christian mix know the value of a God-centered relationship and it seeks to make this possible for single couples. The quality connections that Christian Blend aims to provide to its members are a major highlight of their services.

Top Features

1. Profile activity

This feature is a very significant device that can be used by the various users to check on who has been going through your profile. Additionally, you can also see the ‘,smiles’ that you have sent or received as well as the emails you have sent to various users. You can also get to see who has added you to their ‘,favorites’ list.

Two. The events tab

This is a very key feature employed by the site to enable users to create or view any upcoming Christian mix events. The events tab works in an almost similar way to Google calendar. The effect of this is that it provides a non-virtual environment where Christian singles can meet and have talks face-to-face.

This feature enables members choose which talk room they wish to join from a list of EIGHT talk rooms.

  • It has very useful contraption that users can use to get to know more about their playmate before they actually determine to meet.
  • They have a very plain webpage layout that enables for effortless navigation.
  • Majority of the members have photos.
  • With over Two.Four million monthly users, it can be fairly cumbersome to find yourself the right mate, especially owing to the elementary reason that they do not have a dedicated service aimed at matchmaking.
  • They are not fairly clear about their fees and processes.

Editor’s Verdict

Christian Blend has gone out of it’s way to ensure that their users are able to pair up with the right mate. A major part of this has been made possible especially due to the added devices such as the latest activity tab where users are able to go after up on their contacts. The enabling environment that has also been created by the site to physically link the members in a non electrified environment has also helped to make the site more practical and efficient. I would recommend this Christian dating site to anyone who would love to have a very effortless time getting in touch with a fellow Christian mate for a date.


This Christian dating site was founded by a Christian psychologist. eHarmony has been helping Christian singles to find their mates over fairly a period of time with a very high margin of success. This success rate is owed to the Compatibility Matching System. This system matches single guys and women based on 29 dimensions of comparison such as beliefs and likes just to mention a few.

Top Features

1. Compatibility Marching System

The matching system used by eHarmony uses a very sophisticated system of comparison that utilizes 29 dimensions of comparison that ensure that playmates who end up being matched up under this system have a lot of common factors linking them up. This enables one to get their most suited playmate.

Two. Personalized Dashboard

The site has a fully personalized dashboard and most of the elements contained therein are mostly tailor-made to ensure for an overall improved user practice.

Trio. ‘,What if’ feature

A user on the site is enable to tell the site the various individuals that they would like to be paired up against in the future. This has the effect of providing the user a level of control over who they want to be matched up with.

  • They have a 29 dimensions of a compatibility matching system which is moreover backed up with more than 15 years of private data.
  • They have entirely customized the user practice on the websites right from how your dashboard looks like up until the people you get to meet up with.
  • The have special guided communications that enable users to be able to learn about others in a better and clearer way.
  • There are no movies that are integrated in to the website.
  • There are a limited number of matches.

Editor’s Verdict

Over the many years eHarmony has been in operation ever since it’s inception in 2000, it has been able to build up major advantage over other traditional dating websites which are ever attempting to keep up with current trends. EHarmony has been able to manage to do this simply because of the 29 dimensions of compatibility that has enabled for the comparison of the numerous variables that have both direct and indirect implications on a relationship. It has managed to also gather data in as far as personality information is worried through numerous questionnaires issued to the users. The answers in them are then applied to the matching system to determine the romantic connections inbetween individuals on the site. Along with this, the user practice on the eHarmony website is 100% personalized for all users. This has enabled eHarmony to build up a competitive advantage over other dating sites which suggest a comparatively less user practice. I would therefore recommend this Christian dating site to anyone who would love to love an amazing user practice.


This Christian dating site has come to be known as among one of the leading dating sites where Christian singletons come to meet. The site is aimed at creating an enabling environment for a healthy Christ-centered relationship. This website is a part of a group called Cupid Media which boasts at least 60,000 singles who are spread all over the world. If you are a single Christian who has been waiting to meet the right playmate, then you might have just found the right place for that at Christian Cupid.

Top Features

1. Effortless to search

The site has very plain search features that enable you to search for people on the basis of gender, age, popularity, fresh members and even through a visual gallery.

Two. Search by Keywords

The site also enables users to search people using keywords and Cupid tag search which will increase your chances of meeting someone who holds similar beliefs as yourself. This will in the end lead to the formation of stronger bonds inbetween couples as they will have much more in common.

Three. Homepage updates

An interesting feature that has been added to this site is a very intuitive homepage which has regularly updated information. Part of the information that is contained on the homepage when a user is logged in includes users who have shown particular interest on you. This helps users to begin conversations lightly.

  • The searches are refined and you can even use further filters to select a suitable Christian mate who belongs to the same denomination as yourself.
  • When you sign up for an account, you are given the freedom to choose whether you want romance, dating or a relationship that is going to lead to marriage, an option most Christian dating sites does not suggest.
  • Christian Cupid offers further options in as far as the functionality of the website is worried. Some of this options are, display of profile views, talk, blocking people from viewing or contacting you and even mobile options.
  • Christian Cupid has a paid membership plan that has relatively high prices as compared to other dating sites.

Editor’s Verdict

Christian Cupid has done a decent job in as far as setting up the website to permit for ease of access by people all over the world. However, the limitation that has come in terms of the limited number of users has greatly overshadowed this. Christian Cupid has attempted its level best to make joining their online community as plain as possible by narrowing down the steps to joining them and becoming a member down to three. All you have to do is to create your profile, browse for other user’s photos and commence communicating, it’s very effortless and anyone can do it. And the best part of it all is that it is all absolutely free to join. I would recommend this Christian dating site to anyone looking to love the services of a elementary Christian dating site to find true love.

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