For more than a decade, Jeffrey L.

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For more than a decade, Jeffrey L.

Beautiful, information-packed profiles. Useful relationship tips. Extra features you won’t find at challenging dating sites

Doesn’t permit same-sex profile creation/searches. Buries the one-month sign up. Expensive.

There are numerous online dating sites vying for your dollars, but none come close to matching eHarmony’s usability and matchmaking.

Online dating no longer carries the stigma of being the last hope for society’s undesirables to attempt their luck at love&mdash,and for avoiding direct human contact in social settings. In fact, online dating sites have become an accepted&mdash,even expected&mdash,part of the dating ritual, and few execute it as well as This online dating site costs a pretty penny if you want to unlock its utter potential, but with the high price tag comes an unparalleled online dating practice&mdash,provided you’re heterosexual.

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If you’re heterosexual, however, you can waltz through eHarmony’s doors with ease. You’re tasked, after creating login credentials, with answering a series of questions designed to assess your personality. If you attempt to plow through the questions, eHarmony will ask you to slow down and ponder your reaction, a nice touch.

eHarmony does its best to persuade you to sign up for the multi-month subscription packages. The one-month plan (beginning at a pricey $59.95!) is buried on the subscription plan page while the expensive multi-month packages that cost hundreds of dollars are prominently displayed. It’s a bit pushy.

After you select a subscription plan, eHarmony takes you to your profile page. If eHarmony finds potential matches with its Compatibility Matching System, a notification shows up in the Matches toolbar section. Other sections include What If (matches that fall outside of your match sweet spot.), Communicating With (your message center), and Hidden Users (a list of potential matches no longer available for contact). The layout’s ordinary and effortless to navigate.

If you’re in the What If section, the profiles are introduced as super-sexy glides you navigate in a slideshow-like style. Albeit those people are designated as being “outside of your range,” eHarmony displays what you have in common (such as activity movies or yoga, for example). On the down side, there are a set number of profiles that you can view on a particular day, so you can’t rifle through all of your potential matches in a one session. That said, the few profiles that are introduced each day carry more weight, so I found myself examining each one with extra care.

You can reach out to a potential playmate in several unique ways. eHarmony lets you send prefabricated Quick Questions that serve as icebreakers&mdash,a more in-depth version of Match’s “Wink” feature. You can also request to connect via eH Mail, the site’s messaging system. There’s also Secure Call, in which you and a potential exchange eHarmony-provided phone numbers (so you don’t have to give out your true phone number), but it comes with a petite cost, outlined below .

A one-time $9.99 payment scores you a Book of You, which highlights your personality traits based on a questionnaire and acts as an extension of your profile. It’s not at all needed, but it’s an interesting option.

The eHarmony blog isn’t a premium feature&mdash,it’s free of charge&mdash,but it’s worth checking out as it has lots of very solid dating and lifestyles advice for those who are looking for a match.

Kara’s Excellent eHarmony Venture Commerce Editor, Kara Kamenec, also explored eHarmony to chronicle the online dating practice. She also actually went on some dates, too. An eHarmony Bachelor (known from here on out as EHB) made very first contact with her by skipping the guided communication and going directly to eH Mail. He sent Kara a compliment on her profile&mdash,not the picture&mdash,and asked that she react if interested. EHB’s profile was scarcely packed out, but his charisma via eH Mail made up for the lack of on-site personality. They used eH Mail to communicate back and forward for five days discussing their careers, locations, and weekend plans. On the six day, sensing these eH Mails could go on for weeks and feeling impatient, Kara made a stir. She eH Mailed EHB and made a joke in an attempt to give him her number:

“Alright so since you broke etiquette and messaged me right away, I will too. I can’t always keep up with this during the work week but I’d love to talk in person. If you want to grab a drink or something sometime this week here’s my number: XXX.XXX.XXXX. Feel free to text/call me if you want to meet up (and yes, you should 🙂 “

EHB sent Kara a text two days later, made puny talk and asked her on a date. Albeit they both played the flirty texting game of not responding to a text within the very first two minutes of receiving it, EHB successfully asked her out in just under 30 minutes. Without exaggeration, that’s a tenth of the time it took dudes from any of the other dating sites to ask her out for a date. Evidently, this is a common complaint among women using dating sites: guys take forever to actually get around to asking for a date.

They met a few days later at a elegant but understated Italian wine bar. Kara walked in and EHB was already there, at a table&mdash,not the bar&mdash,and effortless to spot. EHB’s eH Mail tone was utterly similar to his in-person attitude and behavior. The date lasted for over three hours as they loved wine and food. It was an enormously fluid and effortless conversation that was both amusing and informative.

To eHarmony’s credit, this was the 2nd best date to come from the sites we’d tested. Kara looked forward to eyeing EHB again.

Love, Titillating and Fresh

Bottom Line: There are numerous online dating sites vying for your dollars, but none come close to matching eHarmony’s usability and matchmaking.

For more than a decade, Jeffrey L. Wilson has penned gadget- and movie game-related nerd-copy for a multitude of publications, including 1UP, 2D-X, The Cask, Laptop, LifeStyler, Parenting, Sync, Wise Bread, and WWE. He now brings his skill and skillset to PCMag as Senior Analyst. When he isn’t staring at a monitor (or two) and churning out Web hosting, music, utilities, and movie game copy, Jeffrey mentors, practices Jeet Kune Do, blogs, podcasts, and speaks at the occasional con. He also collects vinyl and greatly likes. More »,

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